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5 post-lockdown Summer trends

When you experience snow as late as May, it’s difficult to accept Summer is just “around the corner”. Yet, this seems to be what 2021 has for us, at least so far. The only good news is that lockdown is being lifted, the number of cases vs inoculations is promising enough to assume lockdowns are a thing of the past and travel abroad may be possible. This means that even though it feels a lot like Christmas in the UK, we can start planning a warm Summer elsewhere. After such a long time cocooned at home, we have an opportunity to look and feel our best in our own clothes and this week we bring you 5 trends for this Summer.

Romantic dresses

Loungewear and athleisure were big hits during the pandemic, but as ever, when something becomes the “new normal” we seek something new or different. Comfortable flowy dresses, puff sleeves, trims and embellishments are representative of the escapism we’ve been longing for.

Caroline Dress

A rainbow of colours

No judgement, no restrictions. From vibrant colours to pastels everything is allowed. Whatever your style, make the most of it, because this Summer is all about you and expressing your true colours.

Sandra Dress

The comeback of the bra

Has anyone really worn a bra daily during lockdown? Judging by the comments on social media it doesn’t seem this was the case and in reality, why should it? This Summer bras are back, but in your own terms: fully exposed or, if that feels a bit too much pair it with an oversized jacket or cardigan.

Maria Bralette

The Mask

Although we made progress with vaccination, it’s unlikely we will be fully mask-free this Summer. If you aren’t exempt from wearing it, why not making the most of it? Make this one of the most popular Summer trends! Match it with your outfits or simply use it a statement accessory. There’s plenty of choice in different colours, fabrics and textures, so let your creativity decide.

Face Masks

Explore local

One thing lockdown “did” for us was giving us the opportunity to explore what is available locally. Before you start buying bundles online and regardless of whether you go abroad or not why making this a “timeless” trend and exploring what’s available right next door? Remember the shoes Carrie Bradshaw bought in a local market in Abu Dhabi? A genuine bargain, made locally and unlikely anyone she knew owned a similar pair. Who knows you end up finding a truly exceptional something to complement your unique style?

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