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5 Tips to help you define your unique style

Rather than absorbing ephemeral trends, a personal unique style will reflect one’s true self. Just like we grow up, mature and evolve, so do our tastes. This why finding our unique style may not always be easy or quick. We are not naturally predisposed to accept change without challenge. At times it will be difficult to let go of “symbols” we associated with ourselves, but that in reality only reflected a period in our lives, but not our true self today. So, in this week’s blog I’ll share 5 tips to help you on your journey to defining your unique style.

The common denominator

Head to your wardrobe and pull out the pieces you like the most. The ones that make you feel confident and positive when you wear them. Now go through each one of them and find the common denominator(s). Are there any things in common between those pieces? Perhaps their style, colour or embellishments are the reason you feel so positive and confident when you wear them. Figure that out! For me, it’s halter-necks and wide-leg trousers – just like our Maria Bralette and Frances Trousers. The halter-neck style combined with the wide-leg trousers make it look as if I have a proportional bust and hip size ratio (I don’t!), as well as very long legs! These are winners!

The weakest link

Whilst you’re at it, pull out the items you like the least. Now ask yourself why that is? Most likely answer? They are or were a trending fashion that doesn’t align to your unique personality. These are simply items clogging the wardrobe. They need to go! For me it’s “mum jeans”. What was I thinking when I bought that? Denim isn’t usually my thing, but baggy denim is simply a no-no for me. Yet somehow, I let the latest fad get the most of me.

Create your unique capsule collection

I’m sure after you got rid of the items you liked less you still ended up with enough to fill the wardrobe. All you need to do now is pick a number of basics to mix and match with your favourite pieces. Yes, basics are simple and almost dull items, but only if worn on their own. Paired with the right statement item they can transform your look instantly. And make you look like no-one else!

Become the fashion inspiration you want for you

Is there a brand making clothes you feel they’re made for you? Stick to it! Brands will normally have their own identity and create pieces in line with that identity. Do you have a number of very different brands or styles you relate to? Maybe your unique style is the combination of all that. Make the most of it!

Whatever your style, you’re likely to already have items that reflect your personality. However, if you’re wanting to explore this in more detail,  you can seek inspiration and learn about different style types in Pinterest for instance. There’s lots of material to help you find inspiration and style icons, so take your time.

Choose your signature outfit

Just because you have now found the items that work and don’t for you it doesn’t mean that’s all you’ll wear going forward. Yes, you should now feel more confident when buying new clothes as you know what works for you, regardless of trends and fads. However, as stated in the first paragraph, just like we evolve, so will our unique style. Having a signature outfit will be extremely useful on the days when you can’t decide (or be bothered deciding) what to wear. Define yours and never worry about what you’ll wear again.

If you’d like to find out more or work with us in defining your unique style, we’d love to hear from you. Simply get in touch so we can discuss further. Complimentary first half-hour session to get to know you and understand your requirements. And since we grabbed your attention, sign up to the exclusive world of Mauda so we can send you regular tips on fashion and lifestyle.

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  1. Several of the articles in the May newsletters have helped me to prepare for re-entering a post-lockdown world, from the really sensible advice on dealing with anxiety from Gin Lalli in this edition to a rationale for sorting out an over-stuffed wardrobe and identifying one’s personal style. People pay to get advice on these topics, much of it clichéd and unconvincing. Mauda’s voices, by contrast, seem authentic and wise – as well as being offered freely!
    I feel so positive I might buy strawberries tomorrow to try out that delicious-sounding cocktail recipe, in readiness for friends being able to visit me at last.

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