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Top 5 tips to plan for the festive season

Welcome November! Where did this year go? With the end of the year fast approaching, we’re now left with the most demanding planning of the year: Christmas and New Year. No pressure! The good news is that at least this year we’re likely to be able to spend the festive season with as many loved ones as possible. We know, we know. It’s still early, but with so much to think about, you may want to prepare yourself. And to help you do so, we decided to share our top 5 tips to plan for the festive season.

Define your budget

I’m not talking about spreadsheets (I’m sure you have enough of that at work), but if a spreadsheet helps why not. A simple list with the names of everyone you need to buy gifts and/or cards for, events you need to host or attend in the lead up to Christmas (is anyone still doing Secret Santa at work?) This will not only avoid panic buying, but also help you define and stick to your allocated budget. Ideally, without the need for credit.

Give yourself enough time to shop

Avoid the crowds by being ahead of everyone else. The sooner you identify your festive “needs”, the sooner you can start sorting out your Christmas shopping. Starting early means having options. As we approach Christmas these options will decrease, so start early and take the time to find the right gift within the budget you set aside.

Help the local economy

This is a great time to support local independent shops. And to make the task a lot easier, Market British – the Make It British Online Christmas Marketplace – is showcasing the best gifts made in the UK.   

Plan for last-minute gifts

Regardless of how much you plan, there’s always that one last minute something for someone. Having an extra stocking filler may just do the trick. Check out our Accessories range for some ideas.

Allow yourself to be jolly

This can be a stressful period, but with some planning you can turn things around and make it a more enjoyable season. After all the planning and shopping are done, take the time to plan how YOU will enjoy the season. The outfits you’ll wear, the people you’ll want to catch-up with, the time you’ll want to spend with the children, the recipes you will want to try. Whatever you want really. Live the season! Don’t let it just pass you by.

Enjoy your week x

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