We believe all women should have choices. Amongst others, choices to define their unique style with fashion they identify with. Mauda was founded in 2021 by Carla Darling, a Lisbon-born / Edinburgh-based Fashion Designer determined to create a brand that offers fashion choices for women. A one-stop shop, where women can acquire the item of clothing they want in the version that best suits their needs.    

A photo of Carla Darling, founder of Mauda at her desk in her home-studio. There's a laptop with the Mauda logo over a black background and some stationery over and underneath the desk.

Meet Carla

From the early influences to materialising the dream.

Our Story

Why fashion matters and why it should be accessible to all.

Our Values

Find out what motivates us and keeps us going.

Giving Back

Find out about our Young & e-Mature campaign for mental health.

Contact Us

Found an item you like, but not in the size you want? Or maybe you’d like a different fastening that isn’t available? Simply reach out and let’s chat. We’d love to hear from you and work with you on your unique piece.