Meet Carla

Fashion has, for the longest I can remember, been my passion. From making outfits for my dolls, to tweaking my own clothes to achieve the look that I wanted, fashion has always been a significant part of my life. So it was no surprise that my first savings went towards a sewing machine. Then later towards a Fashion Design course. And latterly, the brand Mauda.

Despite fashion being my big dream, my career (until end of 2020) was across IT and Financial Services. Safe employment for sure, but similar to many people in the industry, I was a faceless employee delivering or supporting services to customers I never saw or interacted with. I often wondered what impact or benefit what I was doing actually had on anyone.

“Fashion has for the longest I can remember been my passion”

Carla Darling

My parents have had their own business for decades. An open door for customers to come in, purchase the goods and give you direct feedback, the good and the bad in the most constructive or destructive way. But you see your customers. You know their names and the joys they get out of doing business with you. Having my own “wee” business was therefore something playing in the back of mind for a while, but it was never the right time. Redundancy can be a curse or an opportunity. In my case, redundancy at the end of 2020 came as the opportunity I so longed for. The time to take the leap into fashion is now. And I am not looking back!