Young & e-Mature

We understand the pressure a digital existence entails and the impact it can have in the early years of an individual’s life. This is the reason we launched our Young & e-Mature campaign. A campaign to promote safer and healthier online habits.

Your virtual passport

Your social media profile is your virtual passport. Keep it safe! Don’t share data only relevant to you. Don’t overshare (period).

What you see isn’t what you get

Online imagery is edited to look perfect. Perfect smiles, perfect holidays, perfect bodies, perfect skin. Unrealistic and may severely impact your mental health if you feel your reality is different. Most likely it isn’t. We may have a different existence, but that doesn’t mean it’s less special or worthy. Be kind to yourself.

Keep safe

Don’t share your passwords. Don’t open links without validating the source. Regularly update your privacy settings. Think before you post: would your mum approve that post? Remember that when you post something online, it’s not just you who see it. Your friends and your friends’ friends will get access to it too. Once online, it’s difficult to control where your details go.

Remember to enjoy the benefits of social media. Be Young & e-Mature!

For each Young & e-Mature item sold, 5% will go to the See Me Programme (Scottish Association for Mental Health).