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7-step plan for a day at the beach

A picture of a beach with long beach chairs and wooden parasols. There's a small patch of green vegetation to the left.

Right, destination Portugal is a possibility and we’re heading there en masse. After such a looong winter in the UK we’re looking forward to sunshine that actually feels warm in the skin. And Portugal definitely provides that! However, we need to be mindful that our bodies and minds will be experiencing not just a dramatic climate change but also a change from busy schedules to complete relaxation. We need to look after ourselves and based on years of experience living in warm climate, I’ve outlined a 7-step plan for a day at the beach. Continue reading 7-step plan for a day at the beach

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Fashion hacks to make your clothes last

Just as useful as creating a capsule collection to save you time and money is making sure your clothes last. In this week’s blog I’ll share a few budget-friendly (mum’s) fashion hacks to make your clothes last. After all, “make, do and mend” are back in fashion. Literally!

Shaving is saving

Those little ugly balls of wool or thread can really make a garment look old and worn out, even when it’s not. A pumice stone or a standard razor can help you shave them off and make your garment look like new again. Just be gentle when using these not to damage the fabric. All it takes is for the razor or stone to superficially grab the woollen balls and that’s it!

Yellow stains

Not aesthetically pleasant, but rather common. Areas around the neckline and armpits of white clothing develop these yellow-ish patches regardless of how much you wash them. Before you consider not moving your heads/arms or even throwing that garment away rub those patches with lemon and baking soda before the next wash. It should help remove the stains and make the garment white again.

Loose threads

A ripped seam? A fallen button? Simply grab a needle and thread and stitch it all back again. Preferably before washing as the spinning may exacerbate the problem. If you lost the button by now why not just buying a vintage button and give your garment a statement feature?

Fallen hem

This one is useful for a fallen hem, or if you simply want to shorten a hem. Possibly one of everyone’s preferred fashion hacks. If you’re comfortable with needle and thread great. Stitch it all before it gets any worse. Alternatively, why not using hemming tape? No sewing required and you can find it in any haberdashery or even local supermarket.

The genes in your jeans

Some like their jeans in their original colour. Some like the “washed” look. Whatever the preference it’s likely whatever colour of jeans you got it will fade away with washing. If you want to preserve it for a bit longer try washing your jeans inside out


Zippers and Velcro are great fasteners, but when in contact with other clothes can genuinely make a damage. Protect your clothes by fastening zippers and hook and loop fasteners before washing.


So there you have it. A few simple care measures to make your clothes last without compromising your budget. Enjoy the rest of your week.

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How to create a personal capsule collection?

Do you know the days when you wake up and there’s so much to do you can’t even think (or find the energy to think) about what to wear? We’ve all been there! An easy way to quickly decide what to wear is to have a capsule collection with pre-chosen items that just work well together. In this week’s blog we’re sharing a few quick tips on how to create your personal capsule collection. Let’s go! Continue reading How to create a personal capsule collection?

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5 post-lockdown Summer trends

When you experience snow as late as May, it’s difficult to accept Summer is just “around the corner”. Yet, this seems to be what 2021 has for us, at least so far. The only good news is that lockdown is being lifted, the number of cases vs inoculations is promising enough to assume lockdowns are a thing of the past and travel abroad may be possible. This means that even though it feels a lot like Christmas in the UK, we can start planning a warm Summer elsewhere. After such a long time cocooned at home, we have an opportunity to look and feel our best in our own clothes and this week we bring you 5 trends for this Summer. Continue reading 5 post-lockdown Summer trends

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5 Tips to help you define your unique style

Rather than absorbing ephemeral trends, a personal unique style will reflect one’s true self. Just like we grow up, mature and evolve, so do our tastes. This why finding our unique style may not always be easy or quick. We are not naturally predisposed to accept change without challenge. At times it will be difficult to let go of “symbols” we associated with ourselves, but that in reality only reflected a period in our lives, but not our true self today. So, in this week’s blog I’ll share 5 tips to help you on your journey to defining your unique style. Continue reading 5 Tips to help you define your unique style

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The unfiltered reality of social media

A picture of hand holding a waflle cone with flake taken at the Cramond beach. You can partially see the ice cream van to the left and the Cramoind Island further ahead in the distance.

Can you imagine living through this pandemic without technology? Not being able to socialise face-to-face OR remotely? Happy we’re coming out of it and even happier that so many people used lockdown time to share their inspirational experiences across the different social media platforms. However, the unfiltered reality of what we see in social media looks much more like every day’s reality than the ethereal perfection it tries to convey. Continue reading The unfiltered reality of social media

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5 tips on how to dress for the face2face post-lockdown

A white table with two coffee cups with saucer and spoons. There's a plate with a pink macaron and a beige macaron. Partial view of pink flowers, a notebook and pen and a mobile phone. The image suggests a setting for a face2face meeting.

The long-awaited easing of lockdown restrictions is finally happening. For the first time it feels we have a way out of lockdown(s) and we’re soon meeting face2face again. A lot has changed in a dramatic way within a very short period of time: workplace/school and home became the same physical location, business calls with background noises of children and pets are now business-as-usual, loungewear (and for some PJ’s) are the new dress code. Continue reading 5 tips on how to dress for the face2face post-lockdown

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10 items every woman should have in the wardrobe

A picture of Mauda's founder wearing a black leather jacket over a black dress, a white beanie and a necklace with a Viana Heart pendant. She's holding two bags: one is a tweed minaudière with beads and the other is a beach straw bag. The straw bag has a white and light brown shoe hanging from it and is sitting on top of the right shoulder as if it was a boom box.

Before lockdown, when I was still travelling up and down the country on a weekly basis, I was packing my outfits for the week on Sundays. More often than not I was washing the previous week’s outfits to wear the following week. Why? Well… a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear! Can you relate? Let’s talk about the 10 items every woman should have in the wardrobe. Continue reading 10 items every woman should have in the wardrobe

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Behind the seams with Mauda

Following on the behind-the-scenes theme, this week I thought of sharing a snippet of Mauda’s behind the seams. It took careful consideration and planning to get the brand off the ground but the work didn’t stop there. It is a continuous process. Even the smallest of events will influence what we do and how we do it.  So, keep us a bit more company whilst we unravel the Mauda’s seams. Continue reading Behind the seams with Mauda

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Lockdown Anniversary

Yesterday marked the anniversary of the first Covid-19 lockdown in the UK. One year of what feels like “life on hold”. Yet, has life really been on hold? Although it may not feel that way, the reality is that life is moving on. Every single day. In an unconventional way, but it is moving on. We are simply too distracted adapting to this new way of life to truly appreciate how much we’ve lived and achieved.

So, in this week’s blog let me take you through some of my learnings and key events from the past year. Continue reading Lockdown Anniversary