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Mauda Update

July is here! Have we mentioned it’s Disability Pride Month? Oh yes… we have! We know, but it’s never too much is it? It’s a month of celebration, so we will continue to mention it in every Mauda blog throughout July 😊 Yes, we know we should celebrate everyone at all times (and we do), but the reason these dates exist is because some people and some groups still don’t get to be celebrated (or acknowledged) as they should. Some people and groups are still facing discrimination for being who they are. These dates give us the opportunity to learn, raise awareness and celebrate the ones often forgotten, ignored or discriminated. In this week’s blog we share what we’ve been celebrating over the past week. Continue reading Mauda Update

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From clicks to bricks

What a month! Lockdown restrictions slowly lifting, Summer seems to be finally (for how long though?) and as of June 17th Mauda has a small presence on the high street. Right in the heart of vibrant George Street in Edinburgh. We are thrilled! Being online is great for wider customer reach, but let’s face it, who doesn’t like to touch and feel clothes before buying them? Even if small, it made sense to expand our remit from clicks to bricks now that everyone has some level of freedom. We’re very lucky to have entities like the Scottish Design Exchange supporting local artists across Scotland.

Being busy making products to showcase at our new physical space meant we didn’t write a blog last week. So this week we’ll tell you all about what we’ve been up to.

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Behind the scenes with Able Model Management

If you checked our Instagram feed recently, Able Model Management is most likely a familiar name by now. They have produced the most recent photo shoot for Mauda’s collection which we absolutely love! So much so, we’re looking forward to working with Able Model Management again. And because we enjoyed it so much, we invite you to take a peek at the behind-the-scenes 😊 Continue reading Behind the scenes with Able Model Management

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Let’s learn about disability

“Why do you advertise your brand as adaptive? I love the clothes and would want to buy them!” “I thought you were making adaptive, but all I see is normal clothing!” This is some of the feedback we received so far. To be perfectly honest we want Mauda to be a brand primarily focussed on adaptive design. However, we want non-disabled and people with disabilities alike to want to wear our clothes. So, in that respect we seem to be heading in the right direction. The thing is: these comments also reflect the existing misconception that accessible design and fashion are incompatible. Good opportunity to learn more about what it’s like living with a disability! Continue reading Let’s learn about disability

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Product development

How nice is it wearing a new item of clothing for the first time? Colours that match your personality and designs that tell your story without the need for the spoken word. Details that reflect your true essence but may go unnoticed to the unexperienced eye. Yet, you know the details are there! Little elements that make your garment unique. Just like you! Genuine product development bringing aesthetics and function together. Continue reading Product development

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Fashion (Re)served

Fashion (Re)served - Mauda's second hand collection.

Thirty years ago most of us (forcibly) accepted hand-me downs or second hand clothes if we couldn’t afford buying new or if our parents didn’t give us an option. Fast fashion was booming and everyone wanted the latest trends, not fashion (re)served from older siblings. Wearing second-hand clothes was really wearing someone else’s style.

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