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Behind the scenes with Able Model Management

If you checked our Instagram feed recently, Able Model Management is most likely a familiar name by now. They have produced the most recent photo shoot for Mauda’s collection which we absolutely love! So much so, we’re looking forward to working with Able Model Management again. And because we enjoyed it so much, we invite you to take a peek at the behind-the-scenes 😊

The power of social media

We first came across Able Model Management early in January 2021. Mauda had not yet launched at that stage and due to lockdown, we were pretty much doing everything in-house: design, manufacture, social media, marketing and photography. We were using social media to introduce the brand and get our name out there. Mainly followed by friends and acquaintances, we were thrilled when one of our posts was liked by @ablemodelmgmt! Straight away we were investigating who they were, what they did, their values…

Fashion is for everyone

This is Able Model Management’s concept! We knew straight away we had to work with them. An agency focused on developing artistic and thought-provoking projects giving an opportunity for groups under-represented and misrepresented in the fashion industry. One of those projects is “Disabled Fashion” which is something Mauda feels very strongly about.

As we pointed out two weeks ago we don’t believe adaptive fashion should look a certain way. Fashion should be available to everyone. Fashion is the means individuals express their individuality, so it’s imperative that there is representation for disability in the fashion industry. Yet, this is still not  the case overall and the main reason the work Able Model Management are doing is so important. We still have a long way to go, but knowing there are more similar minded people fighting for the cause gives us hope for a more inclusive future! Find out more about Able Model Management’s ongoing projects here.

Getting things in motion

It only took us two days after the launch to reach out to Able Model Management for their services. After working in large organisations for years my expectation was to go through a process of phone calls, contracts, approvals, scheduling, admin work, more phone calls, etc. One phone call and we were speaking to the right person. James was fantastic! Positive attitude, extremely professional and approachable. He arranged for everything we needed to progress the work whilst observing all the safety measures required at the time.

The models

We were thrilled! Able Model Management work with the most amazingly beautiful and talented models. We went through a number of shots and felt Maria was the perfect match for our Spring/Summer 2021 collection. She nailed the photo shoot and we love the results. Check out our Instagram feed as well as online shop. You can find out more about the Able Model Management models here.

The photoshoot

Our collection reflects the current times and the hope for a Summer when we can free ourselves from restrictions. The primary colours reflect the enjoyment of the small things available to us for free (sun, sea, nature, friends, family…). This pandemic has forced many of us to re-evaluate priorities and put things into perspective. Life’s too short to be someone we’re not only to fit in. Society is increasingly challenging notions of “normal” and this is a perfect time to accept and embrace who we are.

The photoshoot reflected the concept perfectly and we cannot thank @ablemodelmgmt, @nicholas.moylan and @mariatabacaru enough for the amazing results. Simply perfect! And they had a blast doing it!


Things don’t just end there. Able Model Management have been extremely supportive so far and we are looking forward to working with them again. We’d encourage other businesses to reach out as well. Even if you’re not specifically or knowingly making accessible products or adaptive fashion. Many people (disabled and non-disabled) use every day products, so why not have representation of as many varied groups in your marketing as possible. You’ll be missing out on extraordinary talent if you don’t 😉 and Able Model Management are there all the way to support you. Nothing to lose!

And since images speak louder than words, here’s the behind-the-photoshoot Video to give you a better feel for what it was like on the day. Enjoy!

PS: This is an impartial blog post by Mauda about our experience working with Able Model Management. We were not paid to write this content. There are no affiliate links in this post.

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