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Behind the seams with Mauda

Following on the behind-the-scenes theme, this week I thought of sharing a snippet of Mauda’s behind the seams. It took careful consideration and planning to get the brand off the ground but the work didn’t stop there. It is a continuous process. Even the smallest of events will influence what we do and how we do it.  So, keep us a bit more company whilst we unravel the Mauda’s seams.

The beauty standards

I need to go back in time for this one. As a 90s fashion-lover teenager I read and watched everything fashion related. Mainly this fashion show in Portugal: 86-60-86. Named after the required measurements for a woman to be a fashion model back then: 86cm bust, 60 cm waist and 86cm hips. I never wanted to be a model, but as an impressionable teenager I wanted to meet the beauty standards of the time. The immature me didn’t consider the consequences of doing whatever it took to achieve those standards. I never did though, but I tried in vain.

Beauty standards changed throughout the years, but slim figures + fashion = beauty is still a subconscious equation rooted in our brains. You may think that’s no longer the case, but trust me on this one. During my fashion design course I always used different croquis shapes for my designs. Firstly, because I genuinely believe fashion is for EVERYONE (whatever body shape or physical condition). Secondly, because I know first hand how fashion imposed beauty standards can affect someone’s own body image perception. So, I made the effort to showcase my fashion in the most realistic way I could. I would seek feedback from friends and acquaintances and one single design would get different reviews depending on the body shape they were being show-cased under. Needless to say the slim croquis always scored the positive reviews.

This is so wrong at so many levels… However, this experience was crucial for me to take steps to do fashion for everyone. And here we are today! We live and learn!

The natural fibres

I didn’t really have a choice growing up. Rubber shoes caused my feet’s skin to peel, synthetic fibres in general irritated my skin and plastic spectacle frames burned the area around my nose and eyes. Don’t you just love childhood? Anyway, if you think the heat in Southern Europe is unbearable in your bikini whilst sipping a cold Aperol Spritz, imagine having to keep cool in business attire. This was my reality for a while so I know what I’m talking about! As an older teenager / young adult, the allergic reactions to synthetic fibres stopped, but by then I knew what quality was! And natural fibres played a huge part in that.

This love for natural fibres and comfort extended to Mauda. They can be slightly more expensive than synthetic fibres, but they are also more resistant and prone to last longer! They also ensure your body temperature doesn’t fluctuate drastically which is great to keep you comfortable throughout the day. Although we like to explore with other alternatives and man-made sustainable fibres are now an affordable(-ish) reality, natural fibres are still a priority in our collections.

The dedicated manufacture

Mauda produces in low volumes. There’s barely any stock. We don’t need unnecessary waste. Mauda aims for one of a kind inspired items to help you define your unique style. We want to be able to make adjustments to a design depending on your needs. This can easily be achieved when manufacturing the garment from scratch, not as simple behind the seams of a finished product. Our garments are made in beautiful Edinburgh and we know everything that goes into each single one of them. We carefully select and put all our care and attention manufacturing your pieces. We take our time to meet high quality standards and bring you the product you want. We’re proud of the products we deliver as we want you to be 100% happy with your purchase.

The packaging

Mauda’s UK made, eco-friendly and recyclable postal boxes and paper tissues are supplied by The Tiny Box Company. We love their story and trust their products. They’re ideal for what we need and give us the confidence we’re doing our tiny part for the environment. We also decided to get personal on our branding with Get Stamped. A UK-based business making great quality and eco-friendly personalised rubber stamps. And we love it! This means that when you buy from us you’re not only getting an item personally made for you. The packaging your item is shipped in is also individually personalised for you. And everything about it has an eco-stamp over it (pun intended)!

The suppliers

As a local business Mauda wants to grow and thrive with other local businesses and suppliers. We care about the businesses we have a relationship with. Their workforce and the quality of their products are important to us. More than buying a product, we know we’re investing in the local economy. We’re also helping retain skills and create job opportunities in the local community where those businesses operate from. We work with businesses that live by similar values and prioritise local UK businesses where possible – we are a Make It British Member after all.

We won’t turn our backs on quality suppliers from overseas though as we acknowledge some countries are pioneers in certain more specialised areas that could greatly benefit our products. However, we try to source as much as we can locally to help boost the economy. Especially relevant when the economy is re-opening after a very long year of almost constant lockdown.

The one-woman show

Mauda is (for now) a one-woman show. It’s me behind every Mauda seam, all the way! And I love it! Every second of it. I completely changed career paths earlier this year to pursue this dream and looking forward to what the future will bring Mauda and I. So far, I’ve met some truly exceptional people. Working towards accessible fashion is one of the most (if not the most) fulfilling objectives I’ve ever had. There’s still too much to do, but I’m delighted Mauda is part of the driving forces “pushing” the industry towards accessible fashion. We’re tiny (for now), but change needs to start somewhere and since charity begins at home… we start change with ourselves! Who knows what the future holds. Whatever that is, I hope it’s with you!

Thanks for your support so far!

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