Are Mauda’s collections suitable for non-disabled people? 

Yes. We want Mauda to be a shop for all women, regardless of body ability. We try to design universal garments that are suitable for disabled and non-disabled people from the outset. That’s not always possible and some garments will require fastenings (buttons or zippers for instance). Where this is the case, there will be adaptive (magnets, velcro, snap fasteners for instance) and non-adaptive options (standard buttons and zippers) to choose from. You can check what fastening options there are for that specific garment in the “Additional Information” section (scroll down on the garment page). You can then choose your preferred fastening at checkout.

Do you have a physical shop?

Our collection is currently available at the Scottish Design Exchange located at 51 George Street, Edinburgh (UK).

Do you ship to destinations outside of the UK?

Yes. You can check the shipping rates in our Shipping & Returns section.

What if I need to return an item?

We try to provide as much information as possible to avoid returns. However, we appreciate that at times an item may need to be swapped. If you’d like to return purchased items you can do so within 14 days of receipt, provided the items are in the original resalable condition (all original packaging, clean, original condition). Check our Shipping & Returns section for more information.

How can I validate a size before purchasing?

You can check out our Sizing Guide for more information on available sizes.