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Fashion hacks to make your clothes last

Just as useful as creating a capsule collection to save you time and money is making sure your clothes last. In this week’s blog I’ll share a few budget-friendly (mum’s) fashion hacks to make your clothes last. After all, “make, do and mend” are back in fashion. Literally!

Shaving is saving

Those little ugly balls of wool or thread can really make a garment look old and worn out, even when it’s not. A pumice stone or a standard razor can help you shave them off and make your garment look like new again. Just be gentle when using these not to damage the fabric. All it takes is for the razor or stone to superficially grab the woollen balls and that’s it!

Yellow stains

Not aesthetically pleasant, but rather common. Areas around the neckline and armpits of white clothing develop these yellow-ish patches regardless of how much you wash them. Before you consider not moving your heads/arms or even throwing that garment away rub those patches with lemon and baking soda before the next wash. It should help remove the stains and make the garment white again.

Loose threads

A ripped seam? A fallen button? Simply grab a needle and thread and stitch it all back again. Preferably before washing as the spinning may exacerbate the problem. If you lost the button by now why not just buying a vintage button and give your garment a statement feature?

Fallen hem

This one is useful for a fallen hem, or if you simply want to shorten a hem. Possibly one of everyone’s preferred fashion hacks. If you’re comfortable with needle and thread great. Stitch it all before it gets any worse. Alternatively, why not using hemming tape? No sewing required and you can find it in any haberdashery or even local supermarket.

The genes in your jeans

Some like their jeans in their original colour. Some like the “washed” look. Whatever the preference it’s likely whatever colour of jeans you got it will fade away with washing. If you want to preserve it for a bit longer try washing your jeans inside out


Zippers and Velcro are great fasteners, but when in contact with other clothes can genuinely make a damage. Protect your clothes by fastening zippers and hook and loop fasteners before washing.


So there you have it. A few simple care measures to make your clothes last without compromising your budget. Enjoy the rest of your week.

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