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How to create a personal capsule collection?

Do you know the days when you wake up and there’s so much to do you can’t even think (or find the energy to think) about what to wear? We’ve all been there! An easy way to quickly decide what to wear is to have a capsule collection with pre-chosen items that just work well together. In this week’s blog we’re sharing a few quick tips on how to create your personal capsule collection. Let’s go!

Define your signature style

In our blog post two weeks ago we briefly mentioned defining your signature outfit. If you’re extremely busy it’s be worth considering the activities and events you’re most regularly involved in. Work, leisure, family activities: events you normally attend, really. We dress differently depending on the occasion, so it’s important to understand the audience, the circumstances for those events (outdoors, indoors, formal, informal…) and the season.

Based on the key activities you’re mostly involved in and the time of the year, you can define a signature style or different styles according to those main “categories”.

Pick ‘n Mix

Now is the time to pull items from the wardrobe. Start gathering pieces that will work best for each category. All you need is some basics that you can pair with almost anything and more “targeted” items specific to the categories you defined. Consider the colours and styles you relate to the most and start defining different combinations.

The perfect silhouette

When pairing items consider combinations that flatter your silhouette the most whilst making you comfortable as well. It’s important to feel comfortable in your own clothes. Otherwise you’ll be unable to enjoy the activity you dressed up for in the first place. A flattering yet comfortable outfit is likely to make you feel more confident too.


Don’t underestimate the power of accessories. A monochrome outfit can quickly become a vibrant colourful outfit with a statement accessory. Similar to the exercise you conducted for your outfits, select accessories by your chosen categories and pair them with those outfits. Or read a few tips here.

Test, test, test

Now the fun part: try all them out before venturing out to see how they make you feel. If you feel something is missing, by all means treat yourself to something new. It’s likely the steps you took so far will give you a clear indication of what it is you’re missing and which category it would fit in best.

Obviously, this isn’t all you need to stick to, but it’s a start! If you can come up with a few outfits for different occasions it will for sure be easier to get ready when you’re in a rush. Just remember to have some fun along the way!

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