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How to feel confident in your own clothes?

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When you feel good about yourself, you project the best version of you to the world. Fashion is a means to express our individuality and it certainly influences how confident we feel about ourselves. Don’t think so? Remember Princess Diana’s “Revenge Dress”? There’s a reason it was a dress and not random jogging bottoms. So, given we’re still in a journey out of the recent draconian period in history we lived in, this week’s blog is all about how to feel confident in your own clothes. If fashion can help boost our confidence, then we may as well make the most of it!

Stop comparing yourself to others

First things first: you are you and not anyone else! Trends come and go and not everyone will suit the same things. There will always be “perfect” looking women in adverts and with the advent of social media with its in-built filters it will appear that everyone is flawless… They’re not! When you compare yourself to those women or try to emulate their looks and outfits, you’re actually comparing yourself to an unrealistic and thoroughly staged projection of their image. This will only bring you unnecessary disappointment when you realise things don’t look the same on yourself. So, stop comparing yourself to other people and focus on you. Your style alone.

Cut yourself some slack

Cellulite, big nose, small nose, wide hips, no hips… Those are insecurities we all have and it’s unlikely they’ll go away completely. In order to feel better about ourselves we need to learn to manage those insecurities. One way to start doing so is to focus on your positives. What are your favourite features about yourself? Embrace who you are and rather than trying to follow current trends, pick clothing that enhances those features and deflect from the areas that make you feel insecure.  

Organise your closet

Ever felt like your closet is full, but you’ve got nothing to wear? It probably is full of stuff that shouldn’t be there and it’s time to declutter. If you’re looking for some help the get started read our blog on the 10 items every woman should have in the wardrobe. Once you end up with only pieces that reflect your unique style then focus on creating your very own capsule collection. This will remove any anxiety when the time to choose an outfit comes. You’ll know your clothes, you’ll know what combinations work best, job done! Deciding on an outfit will never be a chore again.

Make yourself comfortable

Style doesn’t mean compromising on comfort. If you’re uncomfortable, you won’t be able to feel confident. You’ll be focussed on getting back to the “comfort zone” and that will let your guard down. So, whatever your style, make sure your outfit combinations fulfil your most basic needs for comfort.  

Dress the part

Do you know how we dress differently depending on the occasion? From now on, rather than dressing for the person you think you are, dress for the person you want yourself to be. Dress confidently, to feel confidently. A number of people reported performing the same “getting-ready” routines when working from home during lockdown as they did when they had to go to the office. Purely because it helped them “get into character”. Dressing the part helps you getting in the right frame of mind to whatever it is you want to achieve.

Own it!

Always remember this is about yourself and for yourself. Own your unique style. Wear what reflects who you want to be and become that self. When you feel confident in your own clothes, others will acknowledge that confidence too. So, go on. Pull your favourite pieces and allow them to help you project the best version of yourself to the world. Have a lovely week x

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