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Mauda Update

July is here! Have we mentioned it’s Disability Pride Month? Oh yes… we have! We know, but it’s never too much is it? It’s a month of celebration, so we will continue to mention it in every Mauda blog throughout July 😊 Yes, we know we should celebrate everyone at all times (and we do), but the reason these dates exist is because some people and some groups still don’t get to be celebrated (or acknowledged) as they should. Some people and groups are still facing discrimination for being who they are. These dates give us the opportunity to learn, raise awareness and celebrate the ones often forgotten, ignored or discriminated. In this week’s blog we share what we’ve been celebrating over the past week.

The Media and Adaptive Fashion

Last week Mauda were contacted for an interview with BBC Radio Scotland on adaptive fashion. The topic came to light following an interview with Tommy Hilfiger for The Telegraph published on the previous week. Mauda were in attendance alongside Chloe Balls-Hopkins – freelance journalist and former Paralympian (she also collaborated with ASOS back in 2018 to create an adaptive waterproof jumpsuit) – and Prof. Carolyne Mair, who is a Fashion & Behavioural Psychologist. You can hear it on Mornings with Connie McLaughlin on BBC Sounds – just head to July 1st at around 1h08m into the show! We may be getting overly excited about this but is it possible adaptive fashion / inclusive design is gaining momentum? We do hope so and we’ll continue to work for that to be the case!

2021 Great British Entrepreneur Awards shortlist

After the excitement of the morning interview with BBC Radio Scotland, Mauda was in for a treat. And this turned out to be the highlight of our week! We were shortlisted for the Fashion & Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year category at the 2021 Great British Entrepreneur Awards for the Scotland & Northern Ireland region! If we thought the BBC’s interest on adaptive was good, how significant is an adaptive brand being shortlisted for such an award right at the start of Disability Pride Month? We have no words to express how honoured and grateful we are for this recognition. This isn’t time to slow down now. It’s time to keep momentum going.

If you haven’t heard of the Great British Entrepreneur Awards before they are much more than ‘just’ an awards programme. They’re a community and thriving ecosystem of support [to entrepreneurs] all year round. We look forward to the finals and wish all the businesses in the shortlist the very best! It’s an honour to be amongst such great businesses. The dates haven’t yet been confirmed, but we’ll let you know as soon as we receive confirmation. Thank you for all your support so far. It means the world to us!

Vintage fabulousness

We met a few extremely interesting ladies at the Conscious Being launch party and have been learning about disability directly from them. They have first hand experience on the matter and share their personal experiences on various topics in the most creative ways. One of them is Jessica Kellgren-Fozard. Honestly, check her YouTube videos. When she says that through warm and amusing videos [she] adds vintage fabulousness to a life with disabilities and chronic illnesses she means it! We’re absolutely loving her material and how she helps us understand what it’s like living with disability and chronic illness.

Once a ballerina, always a ballerina

If you’re into dancing you need to check Kate Stanforth’s work. She’s a multi-talented professional from Northumberland: Dance Teacher, Charity Founder, Disability Activist, Model and PR manager (phewww, now breathe). In her own words she was a trained ballerina, who then became disabled, and is now, well, a disabled ballerina. Kate is an ambulatory wheelchair user with her very own Dance Academy and we’re in love with her routines. Check it out on Kate’s Instagram page.

That’s it for this week! In our next blog and throughout July we’ll be sharing further links to creatives we’re following and who are actively working to raise awareness around disability. We’ll also share more updates from the world of Mauda, so you know what we’ve been up to! Have a nice week.

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