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My top 5 accessories to transform an outfit

My Top 5 Accessories To Transform An Outfit

No wardrobe will be complete without accessories. They can add “life” to a monochromatic and otherwise plain outfit or even help enhance the wearer’s beauty. We shouldn’t underestimate the power of accessories, which is why in this week’s blog I’ll share my top 5 accessories to transform an outfit.


There are two items that I always wear regardless of season: an analogue watch and a ring. There’s a je ne sais quoi about analogue watches and I just can’t get tired of them. The fact that I use my hands a lot when speaking may be why I feel the need to adorn this part of my body regardless of the season.

Depending on the outfit and time of the year I may add other jewellery to an outfit: a necklace with a shirt or earrings with a more covered neckline. Whatever your preference, remember the jewellery is there to complement and add your unique style to the outfit. So, play and test different accessories with different outfits to see what accessories work best with what outfit combinations.


The times of needing to compromise comfort for stylish footwear are over. Not only do we have stylish comfortable footwear and footwear accessories, but rules have been relaxed as well. Trainers and a suit? Check. Trainers and a wedding dress?? Check too!! It’s all been done. Moreover, footwear can help you achieve multiple looks for a single outfit: a dress with heels for the office, or simply swap the heels for a pair of stylish white trainers to enjoy a day out with the “besties”. One of the best accessories to transform an outfit.


These obviously serve a purpose: to store the clutter we believe we need when going out. I often wonder do I really need to take hand sanitiser, tissues, wallet, phone, keys, a pen, a small notebook? Of course I do. So, since I NEED to carry a bag, I may as well have a stylish one. Or two. I’ve managed to limit my bag ownership to two. These two beautiful bags made in Scotland from Mackenzie Leather Edinburgh: a green Gladstonette with red lining and a red Small Tote with green lining. Two complementary colours that work perfectly AND more importantly they’re the colour of the Portuguese flag, which means I get to carry a symbol of home with me each time.


Not having a belt is missing a piece of clothing in my view and enough for me to head back home if that ever happens. With so much choice of colours, materials and buckles it’s definitely a miss not to complement an outfit with a belt. In terms of belts, I don’t have a “preferred” one. The outfit dictates what belt I wear that day. The only consistent aspect is that there’s always a belt, except if it’s a dress with an embellished waistband.


I love scarves. Light flowy ones in the Summer and warm woollen textures in the Winter. They are the reason I don’t wear necklaces more often. I’ll opt for a scarf over a necklace each time, unless it’s so hot that I can’t possibly handle any extra layers of fabric. Even then… I may reconsider 😊 Scarves can effortlessly smarten up a more casual outfit, so something I have invested on over the years as well.

There you have it. My top 5 accessories to transform an outfit. What are yours? Are you someone who also speaks with their hands and therefore like to embellish that part of your body? Or do you focus on designer sunglasses for instance? Statement headwear perhaps? I’d love to hear about your preferences. Leave your comments below. Enjoy your week x

Photo by Marta Branco from Pexels

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