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New Year’s Resolutions

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Have you decided your New Year’s resolutions yet? Or would you prefer not to have any and see what the year brings? Whatever your preference, there’s no denying that a new year brings the hope of something “new” to be experienced. A hope that the next year will be better than the previous (and we sure need that to happen)!

We looked at some of the most common New Year’s resolutions in the UK and the reasons why most of us give up on them before the end of January. For Mauda, one of the resolutions for this year is to reduce the frequency of the blog from weekly to monthly. I really enjoy writing the blog, but with work volume increasing I would rather focus on the quality rather than quantity. This means that from January 2022 there’ll be only one blog post per month. We’ll continue to issue the Newsletter on a monthly basis which you can subscribe to as if you wish to find out about new products and offers.

So, read on if you’re planning your New Year’s resolutions and don’t want to break them by the third Monday in January – aka Blue Monday.

Exercise more and improve fitness

Haven’t we all at some point want to tick this box? I’m generally organised and committed, but the gym is for sure the one thing I pay for and make no use of. For years this has been going on… This seems to be one of the top resolutions for most people and maybe the key is to be a bit more specific in terms of what exercise exactly we could do to help us keep motivated in our fitness improvement pursuit. For me, indoor work-outs aren’t appealing. Neither is cycling, or running, or any group sports to be fair. The lack of joy out of working out is the main reason I’m never able to keep up with any sort of exercise-related resolution. But I do enjoy walking. Never get tired regardless of distance. And if a waffle cone with flake is involved, I’m there! So, setting a resolution to walk more is my safest option to succeed! What’s your favourite form of sport? Pick something you like, that would not involve having to accommodate too much around your existing schedule and take it from there.

Lose weight and/or improve diet

This is another of the top New Year’s resolutions. I try to eat healthy, but truth be said, when you have a full-time job and your days are back-to-back in meetings, it’s easy to just go for the easiest and quickest. Meal deals involving a ready-packed sandwich made with something I refuse to call bread, a pack of crisps and a half litre juice or a chocolate bar are far from healthy! The good thing about working from home arrangements is that you can control what you eat. It may be more difficult to control how much (it’s difficult if you’re working opposite the food cupboard), but you can definitely control the quality of your food.

If losing weight / improving diet is your main goal, but you find yourself falling back to old habits, then set yourself a goal that doesn’t involve a complete break from your current diet. If you eat meat and love eating meat, what success changes do you have trying to shift to a completely vegetarian or vegan diet? Maybe slowly introducing healthier options will make it easier. Set yourself monthly changes and bit by bit increase your chances of success!

Saving more money

After Christmas, we’ll all want to save more money. In fact, we may even start questioning ourselves why we spent so much. If this is you, shake those thoughts away! It’s done and it can’t be undone. Besides, Christmas is once a year and how happy were you and your loved ones with the gifts? The important thing to remember is that you have another 11 months to save more money, before the next Christmas craze happens. So, look forward and plan ahead.

What are you spending money on that you don’t need or feel is irrelevant? Do you have credit card debt you could just clear off? Would investing in quality rather than quantity help you save? What could you do less of? For me, this was an easy one: eating out. Before lockdown it was frequent to work long hours and then be too tired to even consider making dinner. Alternative: stay in town and find a place to eat instead. Unnecessary spend to be fair and lockdown definitely sorted myself out! Then there’s the gym, but hey… I’ll make an effort in 2022…

Learn something new

This is a great one! There’s nothing more rewarding than learning something completely unrelated to what you do, or already know. The realisation that you can do it is great for self-confidence. And the plus side is that you may even get to meet a lot of great people.

In 2021, I set myself to learn English in other written and spoken forms: braille and sign language. The first one was more of a self-taught exercise during the early 2021 lockdown. However, the British Sign Language course with The Edinburgh University was an amazing experience. Level 1 is now complete and Level 2 is in plan from the end of January! What about you? Any new courses or hobbies planned for 2022?

Get a new job

Life’s too short to be miserable at a job and a “job for life” is a thing of the past. There has never been a better time to get a new job like these days. There are more vacancies than ever before and employers are willing to accommodate candidates’ demands. Obviously, there will need to be compromises, but it’s great that currently compromises are a two-way deal. So, what are you waiting for? New year, new start! Don’t settle for anything less than your worth!

New Year’s resolutions are difficult to keep because we normally set ourselves unrealistic goals that are difficult to achieve. Being overzealous can play against us, so the best is to never over-commit. Life happens and disruption to existing plans is a reality. So, set yourself for success by committing to achievable goals, that you can measure in time. There’s nothing more rewarding than being able to “see” the outcome of our efforts. Make sure your goals are achievable and in line with your lifestyle, otherwise it may be difficult to keep motivated.

Another option is to share your plans with someone you trust. Verbalising plans brings accountability and will also ensure you build a support network to help you throughout. Above all, make sure you have a fabulous New Year! x     

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