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Catching up with Laura Anderson (Lymphoedema Awareness Week)

March 6th marks International Lymphoedema Awareness Day. This year, for Lymphoedema Awareness Week (LAW) – March 1st – 6th – the British Lymphology Society has published their Every Body Can resources. Here you can learn more about the condition, support available and discover your Secret Weapon for a healthy lymphatic system! Continue reading Catching up with Laura Anderson (Lymphoedema Awareness Week)

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Why do I do it?

Anyone who’s met me knows I like all things local. Exploring local history & culture, tasting local produce and discovering local manufacture. I get asked many times “why do you do it”? Why in the age of globalisation, when we can have anything at any time would I opt for buying seasonal or local? Why would I go as far as opening a local business? And take part in the Made in UK Day? Simply put: that’s how I was raised! Continue reading Why do I do it?

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Product development

How nice is it wearing a new item of clothing for the first time? Colours that match your personality and designs that tell your story without the need for the spoken word. Details that reflect your true essence but may go unnoticed to the unexperienced eye. Yet, you know the details are there! Little elements that make your garment unique. Just like you! Genuine product development bringing aesthetics and function together. Continue reading Product development

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Fashion (Re)served

Fashion (Re)served - Mauda's second hand collection.

Thirty years ago most of us (forcibly) accepted hand-me downs or second hand clothes if we couldn’t afford buying new or if our parents didn’t give us an option. Fast fashion was booming and everyone wanted the latest trends, not fashion (re)served from older siblings. Wearing second-hand clothes was really wearing someone else’s style.

Continue reading Fashion (Re)served