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How to feel confident in your own clothes?

A poster with a white background. Above the text "How to feel confident in your own clothes". In the middle there are three images overlaying each other: one is a blue skirt, another is a blue dress lying flat on a white table and the last one is a partial shot of a beige and blue floral top. To the right a blue box contains the text: "Our Stories.".

When you feel good about yourself, you project the best version of you to the world. Fashion is a means to express our individuality and it certainly influences how confident we feel about ourselves. Don’t think so? Remember Princess Diana’s “Revenge Dress”? There’s a reason it was a dress and not random jogging bottoms. So, given we’re still in a journey out of the recent draconian period in history we lived in, this week’s blog is all about how to feel confident in your own clothes. If fashion can help boost our confidence, then we may as well make the most of it!

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Back to work wardrobe

Back to work wardrobe - A poster with an image of clothes hanging from hangers in the middle. There's a light pink banner on the left across the poster. At the top the text: Back to work wardrobe. On the left side there's text stating "Our Stories". Underneath the picture is

Holiday season is ending, children are back to school and several companies are welcoming their co-workers into the office from September. After such a long time interacting with colleagues and management via Zoom calls in the comfort of your jogging bottoms, this may be a good time to start planning your back to work wardrobe.

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