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What to do with clothes you no longer wear

Poster of clothes hanging from a portable clothes hanger. Text reads: What to do with clothes you no longer wear.

What a difference good weather makes! Everyone’s out enjoying the sunshine and we’re starting to see more people planning holidays abroad. And if you’re looking for some guidance or tips on accessible travel check out Elvy’s Blog. I know it’s wishful thinking given that countries are moving across the green, amber and red lists at the speed of light. But hey… we need to make the most of what we have while we have it. Next week is due to bring back the bad weather, so if you’re around and intending to be indoors when the thunder hits, why not consider what to do with clothes you no longer wear? In this week’s blog we share a few suggestions to get you started.


With the increased popularity of second-hand clothing some items can sell for a really good price. Yes, it takes some work to get nice photos and descriptions of the items, but with apps like Vinted and Depop selling used clothing has become increasingly easier. Payment gateways are safe and these platforms have a legion of loyal users already – these are your potential customers! Nothing to lose!


Do you have items you bought out of impulse but actually don’t reflect who you are? You’re likely to have worn them once (if that) and because they’re still brand new you don’t want to throw the money in the bin”. Consider donating them. They may not be your cup of tea, but they’ll be someone else’s who will most likely be delighted to find something they identify with at an affordable price.


Do you have a friend who really likes that item? Would it suit them? Why not gift it then? You know they’ll look after it, so not all is lost.


Again, concerns with sustainability have led to an acceptance of second-hand clothing even for a short period of time. HURR Collective is a peer-to-peer rental service, where you can lend your wardrobe as well as rent from someone else. You can make a few pennies from your rental to use on your own rented items. Win-win situation!


Maybe your friends aren’t all the same height, size and body shape but some items may be a good fit and accessories really suit anyone. So why not exchange a few items amongst yourselves? It allows you to have a new piece regularly and you know the person wearing your own items. No surprises!


Fashion (Re)served – nothing wrong with a few re-purposed items served as a new something. Turn old garments into accessories or make a statement garment out of two or three items. Pinterest is great for inspiration and you can even narrow down your searches to specifics, like “repurposed jeans” or “upcycled sweater”. It can also be a great way to unwind from work’s pressure.


A simple way to turn a dull garment into something “new” and stylish is to tweak small details: different buttons, an applique, fabric dye… These don’t require deep knowledge of sewing and are quick to execute. You can find some amazing vintage buttons, trims and patches on sites like eBay and these can completely change the look of a garment. You can also pull buttons and details from items you’ll definitely discard and re-use them in items that are still wearable.


Is this even a word? Anyway, what we mean is downgrade items from “garment” to “cloth”. You know, those cloths to wipe windows or dust cabinets. T-shirts are great as they barely leave any fibres behind…


Some people turn old clothes into family heirlooms. One square telling a different story at a different moment in time. Fancy starting your own fashion story?


There will definitely be the ones you can’t do anything with. Hopefully this exercise will narrow down how many items definitely need to be discarded, but it’s inevitable at times.

Enjoy the rest of the week. The next blog will be a half year review to celebrate Mauda’s 6 month anniversary! Can you believe we’re already 6 months? x

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